Cheeky Clown Circus Club

"Cheeky Clown Circus Club The Circus is coming to town!
Join the show and be part of the greatest joke in the Metaverse!"

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About the Cheeky Clown

It is the year 2069, Earth is boring to death. Laughter is banned in order to not offend individual sensibilities.

The clown, a forbidden symbol since the year 2052, had been considered too offensive to people with big feet. Elon's memes and legacy are well alive on Mars, but monotony and rage have taken hold of the life of every human being who stayed on earth.

For years, the Cheeky Clown CC community had been building a place to accommodate the laughs of the remaining dissidents. Free of any constraint, each bit of laughter, sarcasm and self deprecation have been highly valued and encouraged!

Join us, fellow clowns, let's laugh and save the world together! Honk Honk

Ringmaster Genesis Collection

1000 unique Cheeky Ringmasters are part of the Cheeky Circus. They will all be minted on the Genesis Collection on March 8th. Special rewards (royalties from the Community Pool and Free Mint for the rest of the collection) will be given for the owners.

1 Golden Ringmaster will be part of the collection. If you find him, you will receive a 100g Swiss Gold Bullion!


That’s right! Basically, we want every Cheeky Clown owner to be able to integrate their laugh into their NFTs to make them unique, original and fun!.

Step 1

Mint a Cheeky Clown

Link your wallet to the website on March 8th, 19h Eastern Time and have your Ethereum ready. Click on Mint and your Cheeky Clown will appear shortly in your wallet!

Step 2

Record your Laugh

This is where the fun part begins. You will gather with a bunch of friends, preferably those who have been known to have that cheeky, funny laugh, around a microphone. Laugh out loud shamelessly, until you come up with the craziest, funniest laugh. Sober or not!

Step 3

Send your laugh and see your Clown evolve

You send your laugh with your contract address, and a small Ethereum fee that will be added to the community pool, you give us some time to approve the transaction and then see your Cheeky Clown evolve into a Cheeky Laughing Clown! Your laugh will be forever immortalized into an NFT!

Step 4

Receive rewards!

Your laugh just became very valuable! Every week, we will pick winners, which will receive rewards from the community pool. Every one who participates will receive compensations.

Rogue Clowns

5 Rogue Clowns are roaming free in the Circus! They are each wanted for a specific crime.

Mint one of them and you will receive a very Cheeky Reward!

1 x Tesla S Model
1 x Sandbox Parcel
1 x Playstation 5
1 x Rolex
1 x Mirror

5 winners will be announced right after the minting date!



Weldone Wendell


Tino Clono


Happy Bozo


Eini Stein



Cheeky Clowns are algorithmically generated NFT clowns by the number of 10,000. Each clown is unique, and can be personalized with a Unique Laugh!
To be part of a community free of laughing and to play an important part of the first circus in the Sandbox - Metaverse
We will be using Metamask wallets for the website connection.
We are a team of four childhood friends who always shared a similar vision of the world we live in. The CCCC NFT Community is the ideal medium to express our artistic endeavour and connect with similar humor versed individuals.
The Genesis collection is March 8th at 21h eastern time The Cheeky Clown collection will be announced shortly after
Each Cheeky Clown will cost 0,1 eth to mint, only via